It’s been an eventful week since publishing The Plan: Part 1 almost a week ago!

Note to self – being enrolled in KDP only allows you the option of either a FREE book promotion or a Kindle countdown within a 90-day period – not both. I was following some rather dated advice (in the internet age, advice from 2019 indeed IS dated), from a few prior published authors and if you are considering publishing on KDP in the future, at least this advice is current as of today – December 9 2020!

I had to update a number of promotional sites mid-stream when I realized I couldn’t do a multi-priced approach within KDP and did my best to inform all the book sites I was launching with. My book has had to revert back to the original sticker price of $2.99 after a brief free promotional period. So I apologize for any confusion when the sticker price is now $2.99 USD…

The first novel of two.

A unique blend of self help psychology and Sci fi. Leaves you wanting more while giving a satisfying conclusion. Great first book.

D. Brazelton (

Some initial reviews have been encouraging! I hope you get to enjoy book when you get your hands on it and definitely all reviews are greatly appreciated. =)

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